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Urban Emergence // Renovation Strategies.

  (HYPO) T H E S I S :  Biologically inspired, urban renovation strategies can trigger a healthier and harmonious urban expansion model. Cities are growing like never before. This is an opportunity to redefine our conception of neighborhood and plan for a sustainable urban environment, inspired on the logics of nature.  Eco-machinic Apparatus as a tool [...]

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The Workshop The workshop ‘Sea Sand Structures’ focuses on fringe conditions of limit and discontinuity within the city by exploring one of the aspects, the coast of Mumbai. Set up and coordinated by Renu Gupta along with the faculty members of BSSA in Mumbai and in IAAC, Barcelona, the workshop was conducted simultaneously to have an [...]

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City Master Plan

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Reverie Hotel_midterm final presentation

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Solar House Construction in IaaC

The prototype for the self-sufficient solar house for the Solar Decathlon ‘FabLabHouse’ Europe, is being constructed entirely in the IaaC premises. With its completion aheading on the 18th-28th  of June, Students who are doing their Masters Project in this theme, Fabhouse researchers, FabAcademy team, faculty and participants are working on every part of the pieces [...]

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Master Project III: Multiple Results

With the Team of Jordi Pagès i Ramon and Lluis Viu the Theme of ‘Multiple Results or the exuberant world of possibilities’ has started.  In the current paradigm of architectural design, scripting and parametric control,the idea of multiplicity takes a new momentum.A bigger importance is given to the projects “solution” rather than to the resulting formal [...]

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Master Project Theme I: Eco-Machinic Apparatus

The Theme in Eco-Machinic Apparatus with Tutors from Ecologic Studio-Marco Poletto and Claudia Pasquero - – has started. Students were presented with examples of prototypes of the eco-machine, the apparatus and what the thinking behind it. This is a Thesis framework which will concentrate on the development of suchinstrument, the “eco-Machinic Apparatus”, an architectonic platform [...]

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