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Freedom of Creation have been exploring the field of 3D printing for over a decade. They believe that one of the promsing technologies that will bring losts of new opportunities to 3D printing is printing in paper. They are one of the first to print a FreshFibre iphone cover using the matrix 300 printer. The [...]

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Steven Holl Architects – Porosity Project

Steven Holl Architects wanted to do experiments in porosity and decided to take on the Porosity project. Random porosity involves a non-linear repetition of individual components in varying scales, while recursive porosity employs mathematical strategies to generate infinitely complex patterns. Name: Porosity Program: experiments in porosity Size: 50 m2 Material: Developed in collaboration with Albefex [...]

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Studio 63 – Dex Showroom

DEX Showroom designed by Italy-based firm Studio 63 architecture and design. The project maintains its reputation due to the facade design that appears like a pixelized picture of the trees, filtering the natural and indoor lighting between inside and outside, creating a dramatic screen along the street. Project: DEX Showroom Location: Florence, Italy Area: 360 [...]

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Augmented Topography

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FINAL feb26 [the bath, the bathROOM & the bareness]

The movie I am working with is SPIRIT AWAY (Hayao Miyazaki 2001). It is about a family that got lost in an “enchanted” place where is located a HOTEL which main guests are Gods that travel there in order to relax and take herbal and aromatic baths. So, while the human lose materiality, gods win [...]

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‘Softshelf’ by Softrigid

Softshelf is a shelving system which aims to shed the conventional rigid form of book shelves. The design is completely customized by the user who chooses the over size of the unit, size and shape of the individual blocks and the curvature of unit. Using CNC technology each shelf can be digitally customized and then [...]

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