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Rs_2 Self-Sufficient Buildings 1st presentations

In the first RS2_Self Sufficient buildings studio presentation  the students presented their case studies on  energy sufficient buildings and technologies. With critical thinking they shared their ideas on existing projects and systems trying to discover the distance between the successful theories and the successful practices on sustainable designs.

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Greek dinner party

Students from Greece offered a dinner with traditional food, drinks and Greek music background. Tasty dishes like pita souvlaki, greek salad, tiropitakia, mousaka, ouzo and more. Thank you for everything guys, it was delicious!.

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Interactive Systems Workshop

The students of Interactive System seminar participated in an intense workshop about Arduino and interactive circuits, conducted by Victor Viña. Students spent three days hacking into old toys, printers, and CD drivers, studying sensors and actuators and integrating them with software.

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Designing Associativity Seminar

The main focus of the seminar will be to operate with McNeel’s Grasshopper plug-in for Rhinoceros 4, described as a ‘generative modeling for Rhino’, Grasshopper is a design environment suited for the explorations through-out the seminar.

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Fab Academy 2011 – Second edition

50 Participants from 14 different sites. The Fab Academy 2011 has started on January 19th, 3pm Barcelona, 9am Boston, 6am California, 11pm Japan. Students from countries such as South Africa, United States, Iceland, Netherlands, Peru and Spain

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Visual Programming Seminar

Impure is a visual programming language that enables non-programmers to fully access the power of information comprehension and data processing. With Impure it is possible to gather information in real time from a large variety of data sources structured as well as unstructured; corporate as well as over the internet, social, financial, news, maps, search, images, [...]

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Fab Lab Boot Camp 2011

One week crash course in fab lab tools and processes by the gurus of the fab lab network. For new fab lab managers, teachers, and people who want a fast training course. The Boot Camp is a short duration workshop on Fab Lab management, processes and project development. The goal of Boot Camps is to [...]

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