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Research Studio: Redesigning a block in Barcelona

The students from the Self Sufficient Buildings research studio had an introduction for the studio by Vicente Guallart then took a walk to see the sites for the studio proposal. They will redesign the typical block in Barcelona, for a new self sufficient one.

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Discovering the emergent territories in Barcelona

From Forum to Montjuic, going through to Moll de la Fusta , the students from Emergent Territories studio discover a hidden part of Barcelona accompanied by Willy Muller. The city will be redesigned by five groups. One infrastructure : Ronda Litoral , five areas which will represent the new smart city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

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Internet of Things Seminar

Internet of things or Devices to the home, is a seminar focused on creating smart and interactive objects with radio frequency identification (RFID) or wireless sensor and actuator networks (WSAN). These have applications for Agriculture, Healthcare, Environmental monitoring, Smart cities and much more.

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Welcome back gathering

Students are back in Barcelona! so They had a small gathering with a taste of Italy (baba e mozzarella) as they get ready for more action at IAAC, right before the first class of the second term. Glad to have you back guys!! We missed you all, good luck in this term.

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