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The Farm and the Garden

The Farm and the Garden / La Granja i el Jardi authored by Seif El-Din Shawky “All the world’s a stage” phrased by the melancholy Jaques in William Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’, speaks to me of the intristic underlying nature of life. Everything has a start and an end. We are far from static between those extremes, as everything [...]

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Barcelona is a city with a lack of urban green areas. While New York has more then 23 square meters of green areas per inhabitant, Barcelona has only 5,60 square meters per city dweller. Our area, located in the Ciutadella park and its surroundings is strategically located in the geographical center of the city, and [...]

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FLEXHUB DOCK: 2nd Term Final Presentation

Group: Carolina Aguirre – Xiomara Armijo – Carlo Caltabiano Presentation HERE FHD Video HERE The Port of Barcelona has been used for commercial/logistics purposes since many years ago. The social layer, besides the port-related at it, was completely left apart because of the incompatibility of activities and the priorization of mobility infraestructures as the Ronda, [...]

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“Architecture is a social activity that has to do with some sort of communication or interaction, and that to change the architectural environment is to change the behavior of the location.”-Thom Mayne The Project aims at changing the monotonous linear behavior of the site into a more vibrant,full of life and interactive one. SITE : [...]

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