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Flexi Moulds, aims at developing a universal building constructions system which is based on multi materials wherein the primary material acts as a mould or scaffold while the secondary enables  in constructing the desired structure. Our research deals with the most abundantly available natural granular material i.e SAND, which when subjected to load is best [...]

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Fabclay is the project that demonstrates the new vision of making architectural design and constructions, In terms of changing the logic of built from human as a constructor to machine, regarding to new aspects of technology possibilities. It has started from researches on traditional way of building with simple and accessible materials and continued by [...]

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Pet Flakes

Emergent ecological problems require a different approach as far as the architectural practice is concerned. Due to the current hazardous state of ecological imbalance, architecture owes to be both responsive and responsible. We need to move further than vague design. Creation is the essence of the profession but has to embrace a different, sustainable mentality. [...]

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“Con-crear” project aims to advance and contribute in the ongoing research of additive manufacturing applying as material concrete and finally revealing new potentialities. This thesis focuses on the most man used construction material deployed for a variety of projects from housing to infrastructure. It should be underlined that its price, availability and high performance are [...]

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Stone Spray

Stone Spray Anna Kulik, Inder Shergill, Petr Novikov StoneSpray is a research project which pushes the boundaries of digital manufacturing and explores the possibilities of an on-site fabrication machines. StoneSpray uses a robot that works with soil as a main building material and mixes it with a liquid solidifier and uses a jet spray system [...]

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