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Art and Architecture: their link through the years

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In the past, there was no separation between art and architecture. It was unthinkable, in former times, to construct a major building without including art as an integral component. This was true until fairly recently.  Then, with the advent of the “international style” in architecture and the simultaneous adoption of avant garde styles of art [...]

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Architect the new Head Chef…

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The Reality Of Future | Nasr Chamma

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Architects thinking beyond buildings

Architects play a crucial role both in the conception and the evolution of contemporary cities by possessing the greatest social and cultural commitment: The contemporary architect is the only one responsible for the way the world is perceived and will be remembered.

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My Issues | Building my vision by R.Garita

> Universally thinking – local proposal<… as an opportunity to ponder on the validity of science-based methodological and epistemological systems and in different areas of knowledge to address such issues.

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