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Endless Bridge

                                     We were looking for a way to implement the extracted ideas out of studies on “Endless House” by Frederick Kiesler-1959- into an urban scale in term of a bridge over the Besos river in Barcelona.Additionally we were [...]

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Con·tin·u·um (kn-tny-m)

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“Emergent Territories – Radical Region” Research Line FINAL PRESENTATION!

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  How important are inputs from other fields, such as biology, to architecture? And how can we apply “organs” from these fields in order to discover or reinterpretate the way in which architecture operates? It’s all about particles, flows, intensities, gradients as well as shape, function and aesthetics that can be extracted and applied to [...]

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FIBERMESH | the connection

Challenging the idea of ‘bridging’ and ‘connection’ in case of Besos river ; looking for a new and radical way for ‘connected’ urban grid and flow network was the main principle for the project related to the subject of the studio. Between two sides of the river, we defined our case and keywords as ‘weaving the [...]

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