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01. OBJECTIVE HYPORTRAITS  is an interactive installation and a collaborative project that explore the portrait’s role in our society, its importance as a pure visual representations of ourselves and how this is evolving to represent our faces in the future.   The new social behaviors proposed by the digital era and new technologies allow humans to [...]

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5 cm per second

  “5 cm per second” is the name of a Japanese animated feature film by Makoto Shinkai. It is also the speed at which a cherry leaf falls from its tree. It says it all. It evokes evanescence, time, movement, sensitivity, and awareness about nature.

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INTERACTING WITH ENERGY: Using Interactive Sub-Structures to Soften the Grid

(An Initial Research Prompt, Context Evaluation and Literature Review) Of all the energy produced by petroleum, natural gas, coal, nuclear, and renewable sources, only 42.8% of it gets used. The rest is lost in inefficiencies. 38% of the total energy produced goes toward generating electricity for our buildings, but only 32.78% makes it to our [...]

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