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SBM Smart Biodegradable Module

The research explores production methods and material behaviours in plastic biodegradable systems. It investigates DIY biomaterial production and passive reconfiguration processes to create components for a dissolving architecture. Our IBB catalogue presents a range of lightweight biobricks suited for low impact ephemeral structures undergoing passive distortion scenarios, until organic blending with the site is reached [...]

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C H R o M A T I C S K i N S

  Passive Shading Skin | Photochromic System This Design/Research endeavor undertaken at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya for the Academic year 2013/14, presents an exploration of potential Architectural applications of Color Changing Materials, namely Photochromic Powders. The project speculates optimal design solutions for building skins, along with an efficient use of smart materials [...]

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Breathing Panel

  Automated ventilation systems are usually complex building features. Moving elements require motors that add cost, weight and energy consumption to the construction, while they are often significant in size, reducing the structure’s visual delicacy. Smart materials are here to change this paradigm and open the path towards a new architecture. The breathing panel is [...]

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hydroceramic is the continue project of “hydropanel” which was developed in the first semester of Digital Matter : Intelligent Construction Studio – hydroceramic is benefited from the evaporation property of the hydrogels. In combination of supportive materials i.e. ceramic and fabric, we created a composite material which is responsive to heat and water. The material [...]

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Thermatrix_Bimetals phase 2

The use of bi-metals in architecture is relatively new and has always been used as the metallic sheet itself. This is a new approach to the already existing technology and know how. The bi-metals work in a similar manner to thermostatic materials. The approach was to use bi-metals in architecture in order to convert a [...]

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