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   To rewrite the atmosphere between the residents and the river Having gone through a long history along with the revolution of Barcelona, the Besós River has been improved to utilise the quality of the atmosphere it brings especially to the flanking regions. In Sant Adrià de Besòs, it provides a platform for various activities [...]

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City of Events ||

  “…It is vestiges like these which take us back to the times of an unbridled industrialism that did not question its rights, whether legal or aesthetic, to colonize urban centers. Economic rationalization and a new sensibility have closed down many factories, or shifted them to the city outskirts and estates. The factories of Besos [...]

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Surgery Confabulation>Synthetic>Migrating>Contractive

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  The area of intervention is in a crucial point, that no other city has, in the middle of a valley between two mountains, that represent the upper boundary of BCN. The other limits are the two rivers and the Mediterranean sea. Not very often happen than in a point of the city (two if [...]

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