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The DRXYA robot is calibrated to change its colour and position based on the actions of a user scanned with a Kinect sensor. The on-screen Processing visualisation relays the information (a series of commands and coordinates) via serial communication to the Arduino, which in turn activates the both the lighting sequence of the addressable neopixel [...]

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Sound Wave

The concept was to play with the noise that the cities produce and reproduce the movement of the sound wave on the bulding facade. The idea is to make the building dance according to the  “music” played by the city  focucing in the interaction between people, sound and visual. Video:

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PhytoSense – Interactive Green Facade

The PhytoSense façade system is an interactive green facade that uses swept frequency capacitive sensing to play with light depending on touch.  An array of plants selected by their texture lets the user interact and be in “touch” with them by fading light to the plants being touched. But how does it work? How can [...]

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