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SW18 – Measuring Social Welfare

There is nothing more dangerous than trying to make the world a better place. Banksy Measuring the Social welfare has always been a hard task for planners especially when the people are to be involved in the decision making. This research has started from the macro-scale of reading about societies, governance approaches, and the link between both. After a deep research about the city of Barcelona [...]

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#ECOTONE – teaching through architecture

  The issue of water has long been disregarded. In a world facing serious water trouble, we cannot be blind to the forthcoming social and economical tensions over water. We propose unleashing holistic solutions in water managementand production through architecture as a means of communication. It is time to bridge the gap between water related [...]

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Citizen + -Retrofitting IAAC

  “Architecture is for the people and by the people.” Citizen+ is an initiative by a group of students from IAAC aiming at helping poeple to shape their own environments with the use of innovative ideas and digital fabrication.These initial urban interventions revolve around District@22 and makes use of IAAC facilities,thereby dissolving IAAC into the [...]

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KATA PROJECT – retrofitting Mongolia

The KATA project is a direct response to pressing issues of Methane Release, harshening climatic conditions and scarce life resources for nomads in Mongolia.

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