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LUNGS by FANtastics

The thought stems from the fact that wind although constant may not be strong enough to generate the required electricity and meet the demand required at all times. Also additional energy generated on otherwise windy days would be wasted if not stored. Furthermore the energy demand would also vary depending on season’s time of the [...]

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This morning at the Valldaura Self Sufficient Labs, the Wind Energy MachinesStudio lead by Javier Peña, Rodrigo Rubio, Oriol Carrasco and Stefanos Levidis, presented their finalised prototypes, designed specifically for the site, to a international jury featuring Manuel Kretzer (ETH Zurich), Josep Lascuraín (SGM Biologist), Jose María Pujol (TECHNOWIND), Pep Mascaró (Chief of Collserola Park Projects), Pep Salas (ENERBYTE), Enric [...]

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The main aim for the wind machine is to start a production cycle of plants, which can be used in the daily life of Valldaura. The wall is producing energy with windturbines. The energy is used for pumping water to the crops. The machine uses waste products from the house in the form of grey [...]

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