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DIS Workshop . Group 4 . Tensegrity

BY : Anusha Arunkumar, Silasalin Krisanarungkhun, Marina Lazareva, Mahdi Najafi The main approach of this exercise for us was to find and test the some parameters that may influence the structures that are really work with tensional integrity or better to say tensegrity. So we tried to study the behavior of different geometries and joints, and figure [...]

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Data Informed Structures – Post Workshop

When designing a material system within the architectural field, the main purpose and the most basic analysis are about how the structure is able to transfer to the ground loads and forces and how efficient it can be in providing safe utilization by the users and achieving specific architectural solutions (they can be both structural [...]

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DIS WORKSHOP_ Folding and Counter Balance

      The design idea was based on generating a shell cantilever structure with minimal foot print. For achieving this purpose multiple configuration were explored as an evolution, where each iteration was informed by the previous one. The final piece consisted in a folded structure, where the material thickness (counter balance), type and density [...]

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DIS_Workshop_Expanding Structure_Group7

  Ksenia Dyusembaeva, Borislav Schalev, Alejandro Carrillo, Philip Serif     Proposing a lateral/forward expansion structure. Perhaps reinforced by cables and skin systems.   Initial model showing lateral + forward expansion/contraction. Analysis to ensure greater rigidity in the cantilever, reducing deformation and stresses in general. First 3d setup of structural system, exploring effects of forces. [...]

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