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Castelli 2050, Economy Of Enough

Consumer economy takes a great deal for granted, wanting things for free, and is constituently unable to pay for them; This is at the root of the economic crisis Europe has been facing since 2008. Since the crash, the financial crisis is the normal consequence of a system that can’t work the way it is [...]

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Peri-Urban Agriculture

  How Do We Develop Urban Farming Before Density Increases? This project aims to challenge the accepted process of urban development by proposing a system that encourages urban growth without threatening agricultural production. Project Team: Taiesha Edwards, Denis Li, Saad Saheen     Paranoia The people of Castelli ought to get ready what’s coming! The [...]

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  Our society is going into an absurd direction. On one hand we consume and consume – and therefore we need more and more production. On the other hand there is even more produced than actually consumed. And in the end what is left is trash – tons of trash. But what happens with all [...]

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Encrypted Rome || HabiLAB

Habitable Laboratory As you can see nowadays, all the big cities in the world are facing the same problem which is the rapid growth our urban infrastructure which create “urban sprawl”. We believe that in the future, all agriculture landscape in Castelli will be occupied by this urban sprawl too. We would like to propose [...]

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Encrypted Rome | Arable Cathedral

      Over population and mass consumption has created a major problem concerning the production of the human demands. The massive production of crops is causing degradation in the productive land, making it less productive every year. Can populated settlements attract arable land ? Using a circle packing script in Processing software we were [...]

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