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G3 – Controlled Twist/Aeroponic system

Form finding Our aim in the form finding was to speculate on the best and functional shape. We used strings to understand how it’s possible to go further in a controlled twist. Doing several different models we understand which was the best rotation to achieve our goal, and we figure it out that the optimal [...]

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Peripatetic Concatenation (G1 – Aeroponics / Mobility)

When handling large numbers of plants, contamination poses the greatest threat. The coupling of aeroponics with an almost fully automated growth system eliminates most soil-based deterrents as well as plant-to-plant activity, greatly decreasing infection and mortality rates. Conveyor systems work in tandem with the plants. The interconnected movement and growth will result in a mobile [...]

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G5 _ Form Finding / Growth System

Symbiotic Growth System _ Polyculture Polyculture is a type of agriculture in which multiple crops are grown in the same space. For example, intercropping results in better use of land by growing together different crops that don’t compete for available resources, while companion planting takes advantage of the symbiotic relationships formed between various plant species in order to enhance [...]

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Torre Baró Food Jungle

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