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#7 Auscultation

During the history human were looking ways how to enhance hearing sense.   American Indians used to put their ear on the ground to listen if flocks are coming. Japanese still keep fish tanks which may report that earthquake is coming when human body is still unable to detect it. Stethoscope is another instrument which is [...]

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#6 Outcome of Experiment. Cityscapes & Soundscapes

What is relationship between space in the city and hearing perception? How varies width of vision field  in cityscapes and field of hearing in soundscapes depending on it’s density? R. Murray Shafer wrote that in rural areas sounscape is uncrowded, surrounded by pools of stillness. It gives potentiality to orientate and define surrounding. Whilst high density cities produce [...]

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#5 inspirations

The importance of silence iPhone application to find quiet places. More info about project and author here. Europe’s noise map.  European Environment Agency  has launched map, revealing which European citizens are exposed to excessive acoustic pollution. More info about project and author here. Projects which synthesize or transform existing soundscape RoadMusic by Peter Sinclair. All sounds are generated by mini [...]

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#4 listening vs hearing

Yesterday we had conversation with Carlos abut perception and impact of soundsape. Background sounds (or noise) are always following us. And unlike the sight, we can not escape from them. Apart direct perception what is happening and what you hear, our bodies are influenced physically and psychologically by frequencies and levels of sounds. Our hearing [...]

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#3 experiment

I have recorded  outside sounds in apartment I live in. Records were made at different time of the day – noon, afternoon, evening and night. Then I have tried to distinguish different features and  components of sounds that were recorded. Monday, April 15, 13:06 sounds from construction site alarm signal sound from traffic lights cars noise [...]

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