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It’S AAa juNGle!!!!!


So what it all about! Concept: The idea is to experience the Wild in a urban space not in a visual way, but in a acoustical manner. We live in cities and we will die in cities. Such is the nature of modern human life. The time before became an urban dweller. Man was in [...]

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FM continues…

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Unravelling project scenario: Knit a wearable overall made as one-piece-knit, easy to unravel. Use the fluorescent yarn for knitting the overall. One-day-One-night action: Wear the overall during the sunny day in order to allow the fabric to absorb the sun light. During the night attach the loose end of the knit to a fixed object [...]

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(G) for Generator

In what ways can we capture or record our walk in the city or in nature? Small, portable DIY devices, capable of recording, capturing and transforming the kinetic energy produced during the movement and transform it into the AC voltage, generated by spinning or shifting neodymium or ferrite magnet inside the copper wire coil.

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nomadic cookbook

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