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RS2: Selfsufficient Building Studio 3rd Term

Selfsufficient Block. The main purpouse of this project is to join the existing buildings with the new structure above the block, this new layer is a link between the buildings that already exist and the new ones, giving a new meaning to the entire block. This connection is given by several aspects such as: The [...]

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City landscape


The goal of the project is to create self-sufficient block as a part of a new system of city terrain. The new element which creates the new landscape –thick layer containing all communications, supply systems, electricity generation from biomass and recycling. This layer is growing up by housing, flakes of solar photovoltaic panels, landscape gardening [...]

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3rd Phase_1st Assignment: Hugo Carvallo

After the 2nd phase Final Presentation, I started developing not only more and better spaces for the inhabitants of the block, but also I started looking at different connections of the block/building such as the infrastructure related to the ground or the components-units as complementary form of the interior spaces of the building, and the [...]

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Recycling Skin

The concept of the project is a skin that reacts to the outside environment balancing energy consumption and transforms the Cerda blocks of Barcelona into a self sufficient system.

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whole presentation clicking below on “open publication” Open publication – Free publishing – More iaac Self-Sufficient Block Trying have a look to the past, adapting the proposal to the Cerdá’s urban structure, in order to keep the own character of the city (not only adjusting the façades to the pre-existing grid maintaining the alingment of [...]

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