Automatic Light Controls

Group members: Ayber Gulfer Luz Michelle Lavayen Antigoni Anastasopoulou Andreana Papantoniou

For this assignment we worked on automatic light controls, using precision light sensors. This measurements will help to control the demanding light conditions in a certain space, in this case for a workspace open area these type of spaces has determine conditions for natural illumination. When the ambient light measured form the sensor is less than required, the controller will activate the amount of leds lights needed just to reach that luminance conditions.

For this measurements we used a Zolertia platform and Phidget 1127-Precision Light Sensor. We choose as our site the third and second floor of IAAC working area. We will take some different positions for measuring light levels.

As reference lighting conditions: Offices / Working Spaces

  • Accounting office – typist  =  1000 – 500 lux
  • Offices in general =  500 – 250 lux
  • Drawing rooms = 1000 – 500 lux
  • Waiting rooms = 400 – 150 lux
  • Conferences halls = 500 – 250 lux

Click here to see full publication  automatic light controls

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S2 Devices to the Home Assignment 2. Andrés Briceño and Morten Bülow

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Assignment 2. Andrés Briceño and Morten Bülow

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Devices To Home – Assignment 2 – Nasim Sehat, Mehran Haghbin, Arian Hakiminejad

-    According to the instructions, we tried to connect the devices from Broadcast terminal.

-    After that, we set contiki device number 9 as a “sender” and contiki device number 34 as a “receiver”.

-    Then, we’d respect to our plan we modified contiki’s command script according to the instructions.

-    Then we changed the location of the receiver into different spots in the IAAC third floor studio, and the device received different integers depend on the location.

-    This is the location plan and the spots.

There were some spots which the signal was weak which there were no network coverage.

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Radio Communications in Contiki

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