FlexHub dock

team: Carolina Aguirre, Xiomara Armillo, Carlo Caltabiano

The redesign cruise port  project will create the smart mesh from a  reprogrammable surface placed between the docks , and by adding a thin layer of  sensors which receiving dads from GPS and web site connected to the main social networks,   giving the possibility to tourists and residents  to change scenario and creating a dynamic space for the cruise port of Barcelona.

The photovoltaic modules that cover the mesh absorb the solar energy and transform it into electrical energy by releasing it into the distributive power network, recharging all the vehicles at the hub. This energy will be used also for the cruisers in an alternative maritime power system called Cold Ironing, which allows emergency equipment, refrigeration, cooling, heating, lighting and other equipment to receive continuous electrical power while the ship loads or unloads.

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