The Farm and the Garden

The Farm and the Garden / La Granja i el Jardi

authored by Seif El-Din Shawky
“All the world’s a stage” phrased by the melancholy Jaques in William Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’, speaks to me of the intristic underlying nature of life. Everything has a start and an end. We are far from static between those extremes, as everything shifts from moment to the next, most of the time predictable yet instinctual. Growth is hence implied in dynamic change.
The research investigates augmentations to the highway. The Farm and the Garden consist of a territory of farming and mobility garden acting as prosthetics to roads, providing two things; a large-scale advanced ‘conscious’ farming prototype, and a living dynamic garden appreciated in live perception as vehicles and their users pass through. We should know what we eat, this is a step forward, a step for avant-garde road mechanisms.
Location : Poligon Industrial de la Zona Franca, Barcelona
Area : 374,750 m2
Program : Tropistic farming, piezo-electric harvesting gardens, communal participation.

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