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The Farm and the Garden

The Farm and the Garden / La Granja i el Jardi

authored by Seif El-Din Shawky
“All the world’s a stage” phrased by the melancholy Jaques in William Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’, speaks to me of the intristic underlying nature of life. Everything has a start and an end. We are far from static between those extremes, as everything shifts from moment to the next, most of the time predictable yet instinctual. Growth is hence implied in dynamic change.
The research investigates augmentations to the highway. The Farm and the Garden consist of a territory of farming and mobility garden acting as prosthetics to roads, providing two things; a large-scale advanced ‘conscious’ farming prototype, and a living dynamic garden appreciated in live perception as vehicles and their users pass through. We should know what we eat, this is a step forward, a step for avant-garde road mechanisms.
Location : Poligon Industrial de la Zona Franca, Barcelona
Area : 374,750 m2
Program : Tropistic farming, piezo-electric harvesting gardens, communal participation.

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Barcelona is a city with a lack of urban green areas. While New York has more then 23 square meters of green areas per inhabitant, Barcelona has only 5,60 square meters per city dweller. Our area, located in the Ciutadella park and its surroundings is strategically located in the geographical center of the city, and has potential to help solving that problem. Although the area has 4 different parks, only two of them are used to its full potential. The other two parks (Barceloneta Park and Parc des Cascades) are disconnected from the urban tissue, specially because of the presence of the Ronda Litoral, and remain unused by the population. Parkop[o]lis is a strategic plan to connect the existing parks and to create new parks. The hypothesis is that, in the city of the future, cars will change and become more compact. If that happens, roads as we know them will have to be redesigned. By doing that, we transformed the Ronda and integrated it with the existing parks. The Estación de Francia will also become a part of the park, since its use will change once the La Sagrera train station starts operating.

Park[o]polis: Create and Connect.

To see the full project, click link below:

Group: Carolina Libardi | Daniela Quesada | Erina Filipovska
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FLEXHUB DOCK: 2nd Term Final Presentation

Group: Carolina Aguirre – Xiomara Armijo – Carlo Caltabiano

Presentation HERE


The Port of Barcelona has been used for commercial/logistics purposes since many years ago.
The social layer, besides the port-related at it, was completely left apart because of the incompatibility of activities and the priorization of mobility infraestructures as the Ronda, over what the city’s inhabitants really need.

A new public space integrated with the urban fabric, for the residents and tourists to develop their activities, moving together with new mobility systems and through the use of renewable energies in a strategic area as the Port; will give back to the city the social layer for its future.

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“Architecture is a social activity that has to do with some sort of communication or interaction, and that to change the architectural environment is to change the behavior of the location.”-Thom Mayne

The Project aims at changing the monotonous linear behavior of the site into a more vibrant,full of life and interactive one.

SITE : Moll De La Fusta . Passieg de colon, located near Port Vell.

TEAM : Ma. Laura Molina Araujo
Marziah Rajabzadeh
Siddhesh Kale

For Video :

iNTERACTIVE PLANES BCN Mobile Application Simulation. from Siddhesh Kale on Vimeo.

For Presentation:

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Giota Banioti . Katerina Inepologlou . JoseAl Guerrero
VIEW PDF here:Open publication – Free publishingMore barcelona
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