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BAU. Find and Solve.

School of superior design BAU

It is obvious that the building can be renovated again and again. You can spend more and more money, but still will be something, which could be ‘updated’.
We didn’t want to make a project, which would be one of serie of “Pimp my BAU”. We decided to ask students, make a small research and understand, where the buildings have problems, find them and solve.

Found and Solved:

Uneffective heating and air-filtering system. /Solution slide 3-4/
Water-collection. /Solution slide 5-7/
Uncomfortable for staying court-yards. /Solution slide 7/
Lack of natural light on the second floor rooms. /Solution slide 8/
Sun protection. /Solution slide 9-10/
Energy production for use and share. /Solution slide 11/
Acoustic problems and material issues. /Solution slide 12-14/

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