Thursday 8th October > Jaime Lerner > Fall Lecture Series 2015

Jaime Lerner copia3

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MAA01, MAA02, MaCT, OTF & CIEE > Valldaura & Green Fab Lab Visit

Today the IaaC academic team, along with the new IaaC students from the MAA,MaCT, OTF and CIEE academic programs, went up to Valldaura to visit the Valldaura Labs, IAAC’s second campus located in the Collserola Park.

The day started with a lecture by the Green Fab Lab Coordinator Jonathan Minchin, who explained the structure of the Valldaura Self-Sufficient LaB a to the new students.
Meanwhile the students enrolled in the second year of the MAA take advantage of the sunny day to develop a project in the Green Fab Lab facilities.

The lecture was followed by the guided tour of the facilities, allowing the students to understand in detail  what was presented to them: a laboratory to implement investigation and set a new bench mark for self-sufficiency, a  complex ecosystem structured by a Green Fab Lab, a Food Lab and an Energy Lab.

A 0 km paella lunch was then served, giving the students time to relax and get to know each other.

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OPENING LECTURE – Greg Lynn > IaaC Lecture Series 2015/16

This evening we had the pleasure of hosting Greg Lynn, principal of Greg Lynn Form, for the Opening Lecture of this year’s 2015/16 IAAC Lecture Series.

Opening the lecture Silvia Brandi, IAAC Academic Coordinator, gave some words of welcome to all then inviting the UPC Vice-Rector of Architecture Josep Parcerisa to do the same. Silvia then invited Areti Markopoulou, Academic Director of IAAC, whom officially kicked of the Opening Ceremony, welcoming the 250 people present in the audience, among which the 130 new students from over 45 different countries, representatives of the local architecture community, both professional and academic, and the IAAC faculty and staff. She then gave some words of welcome to our guest Greg Lynn, whom returned to IAAC after 10 years, appreciating the rapid evolution of the Institute.

Greg then took the word, giving us a panoramic of advanced architecture, from his point of view, showing us projects that ranged from cutlery, to chairs, to boats, to apartments, and more, all developed through a wide variety of techniques.

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MAA01,MaCT,MAA02 > IAAC Welcome Lecture

Today Academic Director Areti Markopoulou gave her official welcome to this year’s new students explaining how IAAC Educational Programs propose to shape the future of cities, architecture and technology through a multi-scalar and multi-disciplinary approach, practicing learning by doing.

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MAA 2015/16 > Kick-Off Welcome Meeting

Tonight IAAC welcomed the 80 new students from 40 different countries for this year’s Master in Advanced Architecture 2015/16. The Academic Coordinator Silvia Brandi gave some words of welcome, then presenting the team of coordinators: Marco Ingrassia (Coordinator MAA01), Maria Kuptsova (Coordinator MAA02, OTF), Mathilde Marengo (Coordinator MaCT) and Luciana Asinari (Coordinator Fab Lab Barcelona).

After this brief introduction on behalf of the team, the new Students took the stage to present themselves, sharing their hopes and dreams for their stay at IAAC!

The 30 students doing MAA02 and OTF this year were also at the welcome meeting, taking the students out on the town after the event.

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IaaC Lecture Series 20015/16 > OPENING LECTURE – Greg Lynn > Monday October 5th

greg lynn opening lecture white vs grey

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MAA Pre-course 2015/16 > Fabrication in Valldaura

Today was the last day of the MAA Pre-course 2015/16, held in the Green Fab Lab in Valldaura. The students had the opportunity to visit IAAC’s Forest Campus, Valldaura Labs is a testing ground allowing to learn directly from nature in order to apply this understanding to the regeneration of XXIst century cities.

The students built lamps, recycling locally found materials!

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