Form Finding Workshop with Christine Otto Kanstinger

The workshop with Christine Otto Kanstinger was based on the understanding of tension and compression by modeling physical models starting building bridges with foam latter with papper clips and glue and ending it with an structure designed in tension but also working with compression when we turned around. We started the workshop with a site visit to Sagrada Familia in order to understand the different forces that acts in real structures and also to see how by experimenting with physical models can we understand better what we do on a computer model based, all of this was explained by the experts working in the design office and the work site.

The experience gained during the workshop showed us that sometimes we need to get out of the computer based modeling to test things like materials, shapes, grids, and how it works in general.

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Form finding workshop with Christine Otto

For the workshop opening, we were given the amazing opportunity to visit Sagrada Familia, with special access to the delevopment, design and fabrication of the project.  We had a lecture by one of the designers,  went up to the construction site, and had an explanation of Gaudi´s sketches and hanging models made for the project. It was very important seeing this, since we understood right away how form finding and working with a model would be self explanatory in means of forces and physics, something that with intense usage of digital resources today is less experimented.

During the week we held different exercises, we experimented with compression, tension, light tensile structures, among other techniques. The most important part of it was as mentioned previously, to realize that its not until you experiment with a model that you clearly understand the action and reaction of the object of design, that we should go back and forth between digital media and model making to achieve a successful and well solved project.

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