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Microbial Ecologies

Microbial Ecologies (ME) is proposing a speculative scenario in which is able to explore new robotic fabrication processes as a framework for investigating the generation of (bio)artificial systems. These systems allow us to regenerate and protect the soil erosion and encourage healthy plant growth using interconnected 3D fiber systems. The research aims to explore a [...]

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“Digital Tectonics – Fabrication Ecologies” Research Line FINAL PRESENTATIONS!

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Stigmergic Fibers – A new approach to material behaviour

Stigmergic Fibers tackles the prospect of fiber aggregation under the influence of varying environmental and material properties, to produce controlled boundary and spatial conditions. The project was initiated by research on plant fiber and biology. To extract information from the behavioral methodologies of plant growth and structure, various experiments were conducted on differentiated growing conditions. [...]

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Branches Bio-Fabrication Protocols

With the focus within the design community towards green technology; there has been an emergence of bio- composites. Some make the statement that bio-composites work better than standard composites. Hemp posses a great fiber that should be utilized within bio-composites. The branches of hemp, with their hollow core, work exceptionally well at retaining resin thus [...]

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