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FIBERMESH | the connection


Challenging the idea of ‘bridging’ and ‘connection’ in case of Besos river ; looking for a new and radical way for ‘connected’ urban grid and flow network was the main principle for the project related to the subject of the studio.

Between two sides of the river, we defined our case and keywords as ‘weaving the broken grid’ and connecting flows with a multi directional connector.The research about the tendons, the connectors of human body, gave us a formal and structural catalogue of a living fibrous structure on the first part of the studio.

The final proposed connection network has been shaped with the idea of merging bridging fibers into the site and each other.The bridge has been considered as the continuing lines of existing street network and flows.In specific area, after defining the edge points of the broken gap between two sides, points have been connected with fibers of the bridge and created another urban layer over the river.Instead of classical ‘A to B’ bridging systems, the proposal has been aimed to be a connection experience which can offer different routes for users and gives a flexibility for bridging routes as an over layer of public spaces and connections with fibrous formal and structural strategies.

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