Untitled (final-project) part 1


Sitting on an out of balance plate surrounded by nothing then water. The water resonates with you as you try to find your balance. Trying to find your center of gravity, within it also trying to find a common ground between you and the water, which moves like the ocean, all always in flux always in motion.

So I take these images and thoughts as my starting point for my final project. Upon my initial research I found out about Cymatics.

I have always been interested in the phenomena of sound and Cymatics is an important part of that because sound is nothing then particles set in vibrations and Cymatics is the study of this visible vibration.

Here are links to Youtube videos on Cymatics

So I started with small scale experiments to study the relationship the frequency on water, non Newtonian fluid and myzeen.

Here is a video in which I use non-Newtonian fluid.

it lives!! from Arfurqan on Vimeo.

Among all these experiment I like water the most, May by because I started with a moving water. I would like to use water as a material object.

Below are the result on water.

Here is the video.

WATER from Arfurqan on Vimeo.

There is another video with non Newtonian fluild

So what’s next!

Next is a box in which the contact speakers are submerged inside water. it’s to be seen who wave patterns produced individually by a single speaker combines with wave produce by the other. What is the resultant pattern produced?

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