Final video

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Electric ants BCN

050 051
049 052
During my quest for ants in Barcelona, I was lucky enough to discover a large and unique ant nest in the small park near the Ciutadella Vila Olimpica. Inhabitants of this colony are species of Asian super ant or invasive garden ant (Lasius Neglectus). We managed to capture few of them for research. After research and shooting of the video footage we returned the ants to their nest.
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Project timeline

ant image: Alexander Wild

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Ant capsule

3d axo_00
The final object installment. Two acrylic capsules interconnected, one containing ant colony, other one with a series of capacitor membranes forming an electric field when being actuated. Rather than an ant habitat model, this is an encapsulated experience for ant species attracted to electric fields. Sound sensor could actuate the capacitors based on the activity of ants. The system could detect ant activity and regulate the intensity of electric field and thus influence the behavior of ants.
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Another day, another actuation test

Another actuation testing, this time using a different shape. Two shapes are connected to each other, one is just a stretched membrane without the powder, the other one is complete capacitor. Actuation starts around 1.4 kV. Breaking point should be around 6.5 kV. Finally one capacitor that remained intact after testing.

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