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Fire ant simulation

By applying the attraction-repulsion code from the Nature of Code publication by Daniel Shiffman, I try to simulate the possible behavior of the fire ant colony when exposed to the electric fields. Six attractors represent six capacitors forming the electric field. When voltage is applied, electric field of each capacitor starts to attract the ants. [...]

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Fire ants and electric fields

Ant image: Alexander Wild There is an interesting phenomenon in the nature. Certain species of ants are attracted to the electric fields created by the high voltage devices. They tend to build nests close to the high voltage switch boxes, invade the electrical equipment, short out electronic gadgets, cut through the metal wires. No one [...]

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Phantom power load

Could the phantom electricity load provide enough power to actuate the system of polymer actuators? Can this system become a parasitic consumer of the phantom electricity and can its behavior reflect the intensity of the leaking electricity? Phantom load, or leaking electricity (“phantom load” and “leaking electricity” are defined technical terms with other meanings, adopted for this different [...]

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Sound sensor

Simple preamplification of the electret microphone. Can be used as sound sensor for the arduino microcontroller. Electronic components needed: electret microphone, transistor 2N3904, two capacitors 0.1 uF, two resistors 10 kohm, one resistor 100 kohm. Input voltage is 3-9 Volts.    

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Object geometry explorations

An exercise for testing the spatial possibilities of an object which could be actuated with electroactive polymers. All main polygons are linked together with a wire in order to simulate its behavior when actuated.   2-dimensional planes plastic forming the polygons

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