La moda del PVC ||

And this is another post that continues the story of those PVC outfits..

Again, laser cut pvc seems to be a super star. This time the cuts are made bigger and the fabric strips are slimmer, which when laser cutted, they start to look like golden threads.

This time the outfit is intentionally made big and (a bit strange!). This is a festive outfit, that converts signal output to tones. Same as the previous post, with the same logic of the readings, the sensor here uses a GSM antenna so it triggered mainly by cellphone.

The idea initially was to embed the sensor in a tshirt, and integrate a fractal antenna as part of the tshirt’s laser-cut printed pattern, however, that was a bit challenging after I learned that the antenna, in this case, needs to be perpendicular to the ground plane (which is the body!), which was going to bit challenging with application and keeping it horizontal and stable. It was meant to convert data from RF to tones, and in this case you can simple wear your tshirt, plug your headphones to your ears, then start listening to the surrounding differently.

However, when things didnt work with the tshirt, things took a different path: Same as the item in the previous post, this one is also based on the planes generated from antenna filed volumes. The item is basically an oval plan, that could be reshaped and re-adapted based on how you fix its connections DSC00169DSC00046

The idea is to make it as festive as possible. I didnt yet have the chance to experience how it blends in a carnival in real live, but it blends well in urban context. The idea of having a GSM antenna, is that the sensor could be triggered by mobile. When a phone is close to the sensor, the reading increases, when you receive a call it increases more, the presence of more than one sensor around, makes it increase more, and so on..



Not but for a first iteration, however, as the prototype in the previous post, the sensor needs better integration with the wearable and a better use of making the interestingly looking pvc, more interactive.

I am testing how it looks like with the presence of interactive visualization around it, and will be posting how this went, soon.

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