As a procedure after having maintained my algae in small flasks and a fan pointed to them, here is the process of the transplantation into bigger flasks, with more space, filtered air and clean salted water with minerals for the algae to reproduce freely in their own micro habitats, they will then be faced with the “circadian hacking” to control their “sleeping hours.” I hope to soon make a post where they are glowing. A week or so has to pass so they get used to their new homes. I guess, after all this, if they are glowing, is that I did everything correctly. Doing this makes me have a strange feeling. Kind of being part a crazy lab scientist, part an agriculturist, and part a normal human being who is bringing a new pet home. Which is very interesting, that my first interactions with these little guys are feelings and the act of waiting to see if they are alive and happy.







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