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The pixel’s minute urban scale geometry and transformability may appear to be far fetched, but innovative ideas stem from thinking outside of the box. It can be said that predictions of the future are focused on and are reflective of contemporary issues, in so far that the project attempts to seek ways of relating the [...]

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[RS I] Responsive Habitats

The Intro | Responsive Renaturalization Port city harbors, which were once isolated, now face the challenge of being reintegrated into an increasingly data-driven urban fabric. This desire is coupled with the push for renaturalization of such densely concrete, anthropic jungles. The Port of Barcelona of the 22nd century should reject monofunctional infrastructure and instead re-invite [...]

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Landscape of Experience

Barcelona Port 2115 In 100 years architecture will not be limited to inactive objects anymore.  Kinetic architecture is established, constructions are not frozen in one moment, they change constantly to the current needs. Rooms can grow when the number of people increases, bridges can come up only when needed, leaving free space if not. But [...]

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