Zero Emissions Proposal, Torre Baró, Ciutat Meridiana, Vallbona

Team Members:
Carlo Caltabiano

Amay Gurkar

J. Antonio Tamez.

The area comprising Torre Baró, Ciutat Meridiana and Vallbona, located in the northeast of Barcelona, because of its location and history, is a zone that shows very distinct characteristics proper to the site, ranging from very different building typologies (from single family housing to multi-family units) to polar opposite feel and look between the three neighborhoods.

Our study tries to incorporate observations made on site so as to be able to generate possible ways optimize the area’s characteristics into a zero emissions proposals.

The investigation about the residential buildings in Ciudad Meridiana,  sets the goal to decrease the residential density, improving the living condition , and  especially the Energy performance of the buildings that are going to be transformed with a double skin, able to get energy through technological – domestic system, involving the people in an active process to achieve a Barcelona of zero emissions.

Using a line on sound research through the area, a sound barrier is proposed along the main traffic lines of the highway that crosses the three neighborhoods as a way to minimize sound pollution and use the gusts of wind generated by traffic as a way to obtain wind generated energy

In order to attack the pollution generated by a cement processing plant just under the driveway, we’re proposing the construction of a dome that serves not only as a filter that reprocesses the CO2 and sends it back to the factory, thus creating a recyclable process, but also as a connecting bridge between Ciutat Meridiana and Vallbona

PDF. presentation with full explanations located at Issuu:

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