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Transforming Barcelona into a 0 Emission city / barrio 5

Team Members: Andreana Papantoniou, Carolina Libardi, Erina Filipovska FROM MONOFUNCTIONAL TO YBRID: TRANSFORMING THE BARRIO INTO INDEPENDENT UNIT Upgrating / Connecting.  Idea of a multifunctional neighborhoods, which permits development of new functional units as working spaces, on the existing city formation. It is not a project but a strategy of upgrading, which proposes dynamic design [...]

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An Interactive Urban Forest

The aim is to propose an interactive urban mesh which will work as a tool to measure the real time CO2 emission. The intension is to make a shift in the process of getting energy from a distant source to a locally producing energy source. One of our primary goal was to use the recent [...]

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Montjuic: Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity.

Contrary to our first opinion of Montjuic, the site does not absorb carbon emissions thanks to the abundant green spaces but in fact emits large quantities of these emissions from the museums and other public attractors. Thus it was necessary to transform the role that Montjuic played and help maintain the ecological balance. Given the location adjacent [...]

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Exploring the Potential to Harness Water to Generate Energy

Taking advantage of the topography of the crowns in Barcelona, we are proposing hydro-electric power plants that use a loop system where turbines generate energy as water flows down, and pumps the water to reservoirs at low peak hours.  These would be placed in the existing sewers and drains at three different scales: the building [...]

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Zero Emissions Proposal, Torre Baró, Ciutat Meridiana, Vallbona


Team Members: Carlo Caltabiano Amay Gurkar J. Antonio Tamez. The area comprising Torre Baró, Ciutat Meridiana and Vallbona, located in the northeast of Barcelona, because of its location and history, is a zone that shows very distinct characteristics proper to the site, ranging from very different building typologies (from single family housing [...]

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Final Presentation _ Studio 01

For mobility our main objective was to find strategies to reduce the CO2 emission produced by cars circulating searching for a parking space.Our first step was to map street parking and garage parking (both private and public), and compared this to the building usage and density of the area. Then based on the mapping we [...]

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studio 1_barrio_1_17_18

studio 1 project: Antigoni Anastasopoulous, Gamze Gunduz, Laura Molina, Harshad Sutar, Julian Hildebrand Concept and Analysis: Our studio project analyses the density of tourists in Barcelonas center in order to deduce a strategy for transforming tourism into a sustainable cultural and energetic exchange. Currently areas of touristic interest ( so called attractors ) and the [...]

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0 Emission Proposal – Kibbutz Network

MGuerrero 0Emission Kibbutz Network is a collection of communities that share common resources in order to produce its own food, thus reducing consumption and CO2 emissions, producing energy and jobs, saving costs, and developing common activities. Main purposes: -Better food: Producing our own food via harvesting and farms, obtaining quality products, in order to produce [...]

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Proposals in the area of Sant Gervasi for a carbon neutral BCN

In order to see the booklet of the whole research and proposal cick on the following link Open publication – Free publishing – More zero emission

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