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FLEXHUB DOCK: The Definition

Group: Carolina Aguirre – Xiomara Armijo – Carlo Caltabiano


As connection to our Research Studio EMERGENT TERRITORIES, we developed a smart structure that will allow to use the area of the Port of Barcelona as both a Dock for cruisers and a Public space as a Plaza. Depending on the needs of the city for public space and of the activity as dock for cruises, the DockHub can be totally managed in real time, by embedded sensors and automatized network system that receives information of space requirements to begin its form transition between Plaza and Dock.

Regarding the GH definitions, we used the Curve Attractors as our Ship’s Routes, simulating the path that the ship will use to cross through our Structure, and we were able to see the how does it works. After defining our main Route with the attractor, we introduced the Metaballs. They would represent our focus points and between them our attractors would work as our flows and connections. We used different combinations of their positions to simulate the scenarios.

We took advantage of the GH tools to design and visualize the FlexHubDock structure including the different possible scenarios we were analyzing for our Studio. The mesh represents our reprogrammable surface that can change its shape depending on the activities, flows and the demand of the city for public space as well as for a dock.

Finally, the definition was ready to simulate the performance of our FlexHubDock, combining the Metaballs with the Attractors and at the same time modifying the pixelated surface structure by adapting it to the Spaces/Activities/Metaballs.

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Crystal Project

The project is to investigate and understand the growth of crystals in a saturated solution and understand its behaviour in relation with gravity and time and other parameters.

Team members:

Diego Lopez Ibarra

Viraat Kumar

Gamze Gunduz

Crystal Project – Simulation video

crystal project-Presentation

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Giota Banioti_Katerina Inepologlou_JoseAl Guerrero
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adaptive towers

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