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FLEXHUB DOCK: The Definition

Group: Carolina Aguirre – Xiomara Armijo – Carlo Caltabiano PDF HERE As connection to our Research Studio EMERGENT TERRITORIES, we developed a smart structure that will allow to use the area of the Port of Barcelona as both a Dock for cruisers and a Public space as a Plaza. Depending on the needs of the [...]

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Assignment #2:: DATA MACHINE: The FLEX DOCK

by Carolina Aguirre, Xiomara Armijo, Carlo Caltabiano The goal was to create a Data Machine that can perform as our main structure, allowing the ships to cross through it while it goes down and restore its position. The GH definition is able to behave as our simulator. The DOCK, THE SHIP AND THE ROUTE The [...]

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Assignment #1: Data Visualization: BARCELONA AND THE PORTS OF THE WORLD

Group: AGUIRRE-ARMIJO-CALTABIANO Barcelona and the Ports of the World The activity in the Port of Barcelona has been changing during the last years.. but how? and where it’s leading to? What is the trend of traffic between the Port of Barcelona and the rest of the world? The answer to this question will help us [...]

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