The Aesthetics of Efficiency for Sustainability

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The Aesthetics of Efficiency for Sustainability VIDEO OF THE DESIGN PROPOSAL

My project proves an 18 % reduction on the environmental impact [GHG´s emissions] of a case study CEMEX Factory in México. By using a set of architectural defined tools for intervention, such as renewable technologies [Wind & Solar generation], Direct reduction systems such as CO2 Storage systems with CO2 absorbant tree´s greenhouses, District Heating Systems [taking advantage from the klins 2000°c constant gas waste] for the creation of sustainable communities within the factory premises, as well as the implementation of green facades as a CO2 compensation system on all non productive buildings.
Each area of intervention was found by an exhaustive previous analysis of the Cement Industy, focusing on México´s production and on CEMEX factories. Once having them, they were individualy analyzed in order to apply them in the most efficient way to the new factory design proposal.

La Sustentable Factory is a 900 tons/day of cement manufacturing plant, located in Sonora, at the North West part of Mexico [La colorada highway km 17.5] with Climate relativly warm/desertic with an average temperature of 25°C throughout most of the year, but with enough rainfall to supply for the nearby cities and the factory itself. With an overall footprint of 60 hectars including Mining.
This proposal generates twice the electric energy that the factory needs with solar radiation, reduces the GHG´s emissions & reuses the waste on temperature from the ovens to support heating systems for almost 2 hectars of habitable areas within the factory and enhancing self-sustainable communities.
The factory lifespam will be of 70 year having a daily need of raw material for production of 1,143,000 tons supplied from 2 main mines located not further than 300 m away from the new factory.

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