TERM III midjury 1

Building on the performative structure of Term II, we want to explore how a temporary reactive structure can add to the quality of life for inhabitants of Torre Baro.

The proposal is a pre-fabricated, low impact structre that inhabits temporarily available plots and generates a shared space that locals can rearrange as they wish seasonally. Simultaneously responding in real time to microclimatic conditions, the multilayered skin adjusts internal environments by controlling light, air flow and temperature.

Structurally the proposal consists of a series of connected compression-tension structures clad in an environmentally reactive skin. The system allows for low energy demanding expansion/compression by adjusting the cable lengths only.

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Our building is located on the hills of Torre Baro, an area established by immigrants who were coming to work in the city. This area grew up without any plan whatsoever. Torre Baro and the areas around it have been neglected by authorites and do not have the same quality facilites as the ones in the city. Our proposal takes aim at the importance of water conservation and purification as well as the growing needs of a growing population in this area. The outer structure of the building serves as part of the purification system in the building. By means of Herbal and UV purificating systems, rain water is collected and then cleand up and ready to be used as potable water. On the bottom part of the project grey water is collected and purify by means of Bio sand filter, in which grey water passes thorugth a series of layers(filters) and then is ready to be reused again. The inner part of the building which serves as the usage space, is sorrounded by a flexible and transparent material in which the users might be able to create their space according to his or hers needs.

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Morphing spaces

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The idea mainly targets the future problem of water scarcity.  The attempt is to harvest water from humidity, thus, activities occurring on site need to play a role in heating up the air. Water vapor then condenses by hitting cold bodies (Building elements) on site. By so, we create a cycle of water reuse out of evaporated water from the sea, transpiration by plants and respiration from human beings.

The aim is to offer facilities such as barbecue in outdoor spaces, gym, and sauna in indoor spaces for the people in Torre Baro, consequently, making use of number of users in order to recycle water again for the people.

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