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The Purpose of a Proposal:
Finding a way to reduce electricity consumption, and substitute it by Natural light emitted through fiber optics, and for that reason a material to store natural light during the day is required in order to emit it at night.

Material proposal:
Metamaterials are engineered materials having properties that may not be found in nature. They usually gain their properties from structure rather than composition. It allows us to work between basic and applied science, and experiment a wide area and explore unlimited capabilities. Those materials have negative index of refraction which does not exist in nature which allows us to explore the other half of optical field that has not been studied. The negative refractive index can be used to efficiently bring light to a complete standstill.

Consequently, I went through some research material that explains the original scientific concept of bringing light speed to zero, in order to comprehend how it works in the scale of atoms, so that I would be able to employ it in the metamaterial properties I need.

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