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Natural Gas Landscape

This project was intended to study natural gas network of continents around the Mediterranean sea and to investigate the undying logics with urbanism & infrastructure.

The network begins with the gas fields and ends with the end-users. Natural gas is transferred in liquid state on sea and in air state on pipework.

Juxtaposing the natural gas infrastructure with the city; the pipelines with the roads, the research questioned the interrelationship of urbanism, landscape & infrastructure.

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Geographic Scale. Pyrenees Water Supply

A way of seeing the mapping interested in the geographic scale, thinking that not only the cities have the “urban” part, here we can see how the pyrenees bring more than a place to hang a round in the snow but also the energy obtained changing the course of the rivers and mapped here the obtainment of water if a major issue to take in noticed. In the map we can see how this urban approach crosses borders.

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Food & Beverage

Imports and exports of oranges in Spain (visualization of quantities per countries)
Studied biggest imports and exports in Spain and focused on fresh oranges in which Spain is one of the major exporters in Europe. Patterns are influenced from the contemporary need of the consumers of year long supply of all the products. Moreover we studied the irrigation system of orange fields mainly focusing in Valencia.

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Barcelona underground wastewater

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