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The Globule pavilion is an ephemeral architecture, placed in Park de la Alameda in Santiago de Compostela City, consists of a pneumatic structure semitransparent connected one mechanism of lighting that changes colors and size according to movement and amount of people around the pavilion.

The project aims to create a new reality within the landscape that is inserted and intrigue the viewer with its dynamism, constant metamorphic state. Add a new feature to the natural environment by creating a barrier to light, new reflections, and new colors for the landscape.

For the viewer that is inside the pavilion has the feeling of a closed environment that constantly changes shape and visions while the direct relationship with the outside and the inside according to the reflections of natural light that enters and artificial light created by the pavilion more than this the vision of the exterior as a different perspective of the world.





 In order to change the reality we explored a specific pattern with to change the shape and the structure thrue the inflate and deflate system. The first approach is to study a regular grid which the form uniformly the shape. 




02_pattern study

The pattern is inspired by the cocoon structure of a  urodid moth, the capsule interact with the environmet and the peoples around, like a living structure. It reflect the cocoon shape involving the people to see the world to it.



The result structure pattern is an evolution of the previous one placing balloons  opening and fixed part in a specific way to obtain a specific capsule transformation.

03_changing surface


The Capsule is composed by plastic layers melted together according to the pattern created.The structure stand up by inflating this plastic layers.The state zero is a flat sheet. Once inflated the Capsule stand up, the pattern create the structural part of the cocoon, the pipes are the load-bearing elements, the balloons true the inflation and inflation create the moment, it is a accentuated by openings and fixed parts.The air flow inside the structure four for loins according to Arduino device is possible control the aid pressure inside the capsule.



The human interaction depends about proximity and sound sensors, depending the amount of people near the Capsule the Arduino device increase the air flow inside the Capsule to two valves, in order to increase the balloons sites to change the capsule shape and make it bigger. The lights change according to the sound frequency of talking people, the colors range from cold to warm, depending to the volume the colors became warmer.


04_changing interaction



The area selected to place the Capsule is the Park de la Alameda a quite area out of the traffic to assure the interaction only with the people.




04b_installation area



If anybody stay near the Capsule the lights are cold and the balloons are barely inflated .





When people get closer to the Capsule or two people come inside the balloon air are a little more inflated and the lights colors started to became warmer.







When the many peoples come inside the capsule and start to interact with it the balloon are inflated until the maximum value and the lights colors are warm.






The prototype was created in order to figure out the structural behaviors of the pattern designed.



The video explain the inflation and deflation process tested trough Arduino.

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