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Citizen + -Retrofitting IAAC



“Architecture is for the people and by the people.”
Citizen+ is an initiative by a group of students from IAAC aiming at helping poeple to shape their own environments with the use of innovative ideas and digital fabrication.These initial urban interventions revolve around District@22 and makes use of IAAC facilities,thereby dissolving IAAC into the community.The project makes a clear statement for the future of the community i.e. tailor made situations for local problems,locally produced.The students conclude by saying that if each student at Iaac takes up an intervention we could bring about a change in the society.


The current situation in the construction industry is disorganized and controlled by few individuals with power and money , but we as innovators should lead the industry and bring innovation directly to the user eliminating the “ middle-men ” thereby making the process more localized as well as efficient in terms of cost and time. Now , its time to give power to the people .

Innovation is not an invention. Its a new way of tackling well-known challenges. Innovation does not necessarily mean technological advancement alone , it is also ideas of dealing with social and economical challenges . Read More »

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community hub

Barcelona has undergone tremendous changes in past few decades in becoming world’s most admired city for urban development. Leveraging on 1992 Olympics it transformed from a neglected industrial city to vibrant hub for business, logistics and tourism. By 2001, the city was ranked as the Europe’s sixth most attractive city for international business investment and was 3rd by 2012. The economy however, has benefitted much from its attractiveness as the 4th best urban tourism destination in Europe. With an inflow of 7.8 million tourist and 2.3 billion Euros, the tourism industry has both positive and negative influence on the city and its inhabitants. Read More »

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