Today, there are 19 countries with very high risk of social unrest according to a study by the Economist Intelligence unit.

Is the top-down governance including the society in its policy formulation?
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The Grid

Grid-Final 01.001Grid-Final 01.002

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Factory of the Future


Climate change.
We have all heard of it.The news, the political campaigns, the NGO’s make sure you hear enough of it.And we think we know what its about. Greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, water vapour, methane.And we know about the effects too. More than that, we feel the effects.The hot days, floods, abnormal weather behaviours.
But what do we do about it other than intaking information? We recycle, pay attention to our purchases, plant a tree and then we call ourselves informed and involved.
We are not angry enough.

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community hub

Barcelona has undergone tremendous changes in past few decades in becoming world’s most admired city for urban development. Leveraging on 1992 Olympics it transformed from a neglected industrial city to vibrant hub for business, logistics and tourism. By 2001, the city was ranked as the Europe’s sixth most attractive city for international business investment and was 3rd by 2012. The economy however, has benefitted much from its attractiveness as the 4th best urban tourism destination in Europe. With an inflow of 7.8 million tourist and 2.3 billion Euros, the tourism industry has both positive and negative influence on the city and its inhabitants. Read More »

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Methane Bomb and retrofitting Mongolia


Methane. The most dangerous greenhouse gas of all times.

It is hidden in frozen permafrost in the tundra at the nothern hemisphere. Until now, it has not been seen as the biggest environmental problem. But during the global rise of the temperature, humanity have a serious problem, which we in short time has to deal with. The permafrost is melting and the trapped methane can be released within a very short time and have the effect on the planet as 400.000 atomic bombs. The KATA project is a rescue program dealing with a unexposed problem, methane. The project will start to retrofit Mongolia, which is where the methane first will attack the environment.

Picture; Collage made on the background of  SuperStudio  (Adolfo Natalini and Cristiano Toraldo di Francia)



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