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Kaleigroscope (Hygroscopic Morphogy)


*hy · gro · scop · ic (Adj.) Readily absorbing moisture, as from the atmosphere.

*mor · phol · o · gy (n.)  a. The branch of biology that deals with the form and structure of organisms without consideration of function.

Hygroscopic Morphology is a research study focused on the formal and structural changes of a material upon absorbing water molecules from the atmosphere. In this field of research, kinetic movement is particularly investigated as a potential substitute to the artificial mechanical systems employed in the architectural and engineering disciplines. This is referred to as Material Intelligence; material’s inherent properties are researched in an attempt to optimize efficiency in the use of depletable materials.

| Site . Material |

Being the rich natural reserve it is, Valldaura is primarily vast areas of mountain ridges, almost completely covered in green and interestingly growing a long-term cherished biodiversity. For obvious reasons, we chose to experiment with pine wood: First, due to its abundance on site; second, due to the interesting hygroscopic behavior displayed by pine cones. Our experiments confirmed common knowledge concerning the factors influencing movement direction, speed and intensity.


| Hygroscopic behavior of thin Pine Veneer |

As water molecules are absorbed, wood displays swelling and bends. To enforce the bending, one side of the veneer must be waterproofed or insulated.

| Concept |

Our  first position towards this design project was triggered by many factors. Valldaura labs future project ensured a social/environmental interest. We wanted an installation/pavilion that displayed the hygroscopic behavior of wood as a research outcome. We were also interested in controlling the bending property and hence were keen on working with patterns. But we also understood the challenge of exhibiting hygroscopic performance: the movement must be amplified and it required a somehow “controlled environment”>>

Hygroscopic Kaleidoscope  a.k.a. KALEIGROSCOPE! Kaleigroscope gives the visitors intimate moments with nature, invites nature in, reflecting its colors, hues and light. How does it work? Couple wood with an adhesive reflective film>>


prototype testing

Our prototype works! We then explore the following design options:

1. Morphed Surfaces and Corresponding Extrusions


This option seems interesting as the extrusion form is directly affected by the surface deformation. However, it felt random. We needed a defined structure to start with. A geodesic dome.

2. Population






Introductory Design Studio // When Energy Becomes Form
Theme // Hygroscopic Morpholodgy // Kaleigroscope
Location // Valldaura IAAC Barcelona
Students // Niel Parekh // Stephanie Bashir // Rodion Eremeev // Rodolfo Parolin Hardy

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