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Mycotecture GR2: Building from Mushrooms

The goal is researching a new technology of biologic building material production. Mycelium is the growing root like structure of mushrooms and it has been found out in a closed container with cellulose based input mycelium grows and takes the form of the container.

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Cleaning Water with Macrophytes and Form

Valldaura, with a location in the hills surrounding Barcelona and an objective of self-sufficiency, is dependent on natural spring water. The house at Valldaura currently does not have access to potable water directly from its site–it is using an inefficient system that does not take advantage of the existent well water. Phytodepuration could potentially supply [...]

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alGEO: first approach to bio-photovoltaic cells

A bottle containing a green substance is placed close to the window at the third floor of the school. A red straw sticks out and sometimes someone gets close and blows to move the green particles that after a few minutes lay down on the bottom again. That was the first draft of the algae [...]

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