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The main aim for the wind machine is to start a production cycle of plants, which can be used in the daily life of Valldaura.

The wall is producing energy with windturbines. The energy is used for pumping water to the crops. The machine uses waste products from the house in the form of grey water and compost.

The structure is built out of hemp, which the plantation can grow.In this way the production cycle is a living cycle itself.

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Atmospheric River is an arrangement which utilises the wind energy to provide a farm land with its two basic necessities,namely electricity and water.To capture energy from wind,  we have to ketch it by getting the structure in contact with the air and everything within it, especially the water content.

From this thought has developed most of our design, which is based on the combination of functions. For generating electricity we’ve used  a wind mill and for providing water we have  used  fog- catcher.

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