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This project explores the idea of capturing wind energy as observed in the movement of plants. Initially inspired by the lift wind energy created in birds or bird mimicking inventions like kites, it questions the idea of a turbine and searches for ways to hack into the natural oscillating mechanism of a plant for energy [...]

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Porta-Val by Hawa

 Designed to nurture our environmental responsibility for future self-sufficient societies  Porta-Val is a deployable, environmentally sustainable and economically affordable wind turbine. Following the philosophy of the Self-sufficient labs of Valldaura, Porta-Val is an open-source product fabricated in the the Valldaura Fab Lab by using the local available resources and materials. Our goal is to spread [...]

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AmpLeaf: Ecological Resonance

  Introducing a new cycle of architectural eco-infrastructure that promotes the regeneration of local and native plant species within the Valldaura region. Wind vibration energy acts as a platform for new dialog between ecological systems and human interaction. AmpLeaf is a synthesized smart surface which is integrated into the anatomy of the forest to experiment [...]

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WindBlind, by NorthWind

Designed as an entirely self contained, self automated & self powered external shading device, the WindBlind detects the outdoor climate and blocks or allows solar radiation to maintain a constantly comfortable indoor environment. The WindBlind is the product of the exploration of electricity generation and application. A final product with multiple energy saving prospects, the [...]

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Valldaura Bird


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